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Should Guys Have A Skincare Routine Too?

Should Guys Have A Skincare Routine Too?

In a word…YASSSSS lol. Guys should have a skincare routine just like we ladies do. Actually, it is pretty vital for men to have some type of routine because honestly they do more to their faces than we do to ours. They work in rougher conditions most of the time, their skin is thicker than ours and they shave. That is a lot of factors that can cause the skin to act out.

Most guys think that it is girly to have a skincare routine and that they do not need one; they are sadly mistaken. If you want to age well then you should really care about how you take care of your skin. I hope to one day make a men’s skincare line because I feel like the importance of it is not stressed enough. I think that the problem is that they do not want to be in the bathroom for 15 minutes (or longer) like most girls are and they shouldn’t have to. It needs to be quick, simple and effective. Providing the best results with the best ingredients.

The brand that I use and get my fiance to use as well is Chagrin Valley. I LOVE their products so much and they have a great selection of varieties for different skin concerns and skin types. They have a section catered to men and there you will find all of the products that you need. It has products for shaving needs, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. That is all you need. The results are tremendous and I highly recommend them.  This brand really helped me clear my skin and make my fiance’s skin softer than before now when he shaves. All in all, I am just trying to tell my male CONFIDENT RAVING BEAUTIES that their “beauty” routine is just as important as ours, so if you do not have one get one NOW. ❤