I Don’t want to work…Do you?

I Don’t want to work…Do you?

Do you get what I mean, given the quote that I placed to assist this blog post. I am going to assume that you do. But, if you do not get me allow me to explain. I am not saying this because I want to be a college student forever, live with my parents and have no INDEPENDENCE. I am saying this because I am not looking forward to a life where I work unfulfilling jobs. I want a career and I’m sure you do too. Not only one that excels financially but also gives plenty of wealth and nourishment to your personal and mental state of being.

This all starts with you knowing what you want to do and for many people of all ages they have not one clue. I mean if you really think about you do know. Think back to when you were younger and you used to tell people what you wanted to be; that is usually subconsciously what you still want to do.  Whether it was a teacher, ballerina, astronaut or a dragon slayer. There is a way to accomplish all of these dream jobs, even the dragon slayer. It all comes down to you doing some critical thinking and DIGGING DEEP as to why this career was your ideal choice back then. Once you figure that out you can combine that knowledge with your passions and skills to form your perfect job.

Let’s break down the dragon slayer for example. You might have wanted to be a DRAGON SLAYER because you thought dragons were mean and bad or you thought that they destroyed things. Now to alter this into something that could be a job for this century and more realistic. The dragon could be a symbol for criminals in the mean and bad scenario, or even something that harms the environment like pollutants in the second scenario. You could even look at the dragon as a disease and you are searching for a cure. Do you see what I did there?  The more imaginative your dream job was as a kid the more possibilities it could come to in this process. Once you add in the passions and skills it will build up the perfect job and honestly once you find that out you should do it. I truly believe that it will make you fell even more accomplished with your job.

I know for me personally I am all over the place with what I want to do and that was exactly how I was as a kid. My dream job was to be a singer that acted and designed her own clothes. I was trying to be a total 3 in 1. I basically still am today but in a whole different aspect. The underlying meaning of this post is TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO and to always keep the younger you alive. ❤



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