The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

Some of us, myself included become intimidated with change or if things don’t go as planned. We all have to realize that some things are out of our control. That does not mean that we should just go with the flow. We have to break down the walls and barriers that interfere with what we want to accomplish. If we do not even try we will never achieve the greatness that we are all capable of.

The quote that I chose for today is me trying to show that even in the most powerful and positive words you can still find the negative, which can make you question the power of the word itself. There is no need to question it because it will always be there no matter what. The self doubt within you will try to highlight the negativity and try to talk you out of doing great things. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that You will be great, You will do great and that You will achieve greatness. 

Even as I am writing this for you all today I am trying to figure out for myself what will my greatness be and what great thing will I do today. Make everyday great because we are lucky to be alive, so make today, tomorrow and everyday count. You want to leave a legacy and tell a story in your life that can inspire at least one person. That will help change that one persons life and start a cycle of uplifting and empowering people. We need more of that than anything and I know that we can do it. So go out and break down that wall my Beauties of Greatness.


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